Meal planning made simple

We help nutrition specialists create personalized meal plans for their patients in minutes.

Over 100,000 recipes

Add a patient

Include basic information to calculate your patient’s energy requirements

Select recipes for the meal plan

Modify ingredient amounts to customize the recipe to your patient’s needs

Use our app or download the meal plan 

To print or send to your patient.

Choose your plan

Leading the way in the future of nutrition care

Boost your word to mouth from your clients

5x faster

Create meal plans in 1/3 of the time
With recipes your patients will love
That will help them reach their goals and retain them longer

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1# Nutrition App

In 2022, Avena was featured by Apple and Google. Avena has the tools to help your clients succeed. Avena is the tool that will help your business grow.


“It is the most intuitive software I have used to date; creating recipes and menus is very simple, and patients have a wider range of options to feel comfortable and achieve their goals.”


“It is a very comprehensive application, saving you time in creating meal plans. You can have better and greater control over your equivalents, and it provides easy food swapping options for your patients.”


“It is a truly functional tool, making the creation of meal plans easier. Patients really appreciate the versatility and support provided by the Avena app.”


“It is highly comprehensive and helps to reduce consultation times. I really like that patients can feel more like a community and have access to their menus at all times. It’s as if they have support 24/7.”

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